Everything is Someone.

Object Oriented Stories for present and future kids.

For most of recorded history people have thought of people as the only ones that were someone. Well, they used to talk to Rocks, Rivers and Trees, but they long forgot to do that ever since. This is a book about thinking about how the world is to all the someone’s that aren’t like you and I.

It’s a series of short stories for future kids from 10 to 99 to understand the upcoming world where more things are becoming like people and viceversa. There is the story of a man that wanted to become a table , a vacuum cleaner that owned a cleaning company, the first mountain that became a president and more.

Written by Joshua Noble and Simone Rebaudengo
Illustrations by Ailadi (PETCORP)

You can’t read it yet, but if you are someone or something that is interested, leave us a mail or spam and we'll let you know when it's out.